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We provide the most car wrap services in the area and uphold high product standards for every job. If you want to find out what a quality car wrap looks like give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Car Wraps Baton Rouge LA

Welcome to the last time you ever need to search for Baton Rouge car wraps. We have a wide array of services to ensure we never need to turn away business. Where other wrap shops in Baton Rouge are unable to provide a specific wrap service we always step up to the plate.

Here at Car Wraps Baton Rouge we are dedicated to providing the highest quality car vinyl for every customer. We have a number of different services including exotic wraps like carbon fiber wrap, chrome wrap, black chrome wrap or even camo car wrap. We can provide any style of car wrap so you are only limited by your imagination! Take a look through our website and find out why you never need to search for “vehicle wraps near me” ever again.

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About Our Vinyl Wrap Baton Rouge Shop

We have the highest quality vinyl car wrap Baton Rouge has to offer. We only purchase the top of line vinyl to ensure every job comes out perfectly. Our professional technicians are highly trained and qualified so you can always expect a seamless installation. Our entire staff is dedicated to our customers and under 3 basic tenets we have flourished as a company. They include:

  1. We are committed to providing helpful and friendly customer service. We are here to answer any questions you have with a smile on our faces!
  2. Our car wraps Baton Rouge pricing is always competitive with the market. We have a number of packages available with all of our services that can fit within anyone's budget.
  3. We properly train and keep our technicians up to date with all of the cutting edge vinyl technology on the market. We are very proud of the high standards our technicians are able to uphold consistently.

We are a full service premier vinyl wrap shop ready to supply you with all of your wrapping needs. Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas have relied on our high quality work over the years and we consistently deliver to them. To find out what it is like to get the best car wraps in Baton Rouge, call Car Wraps Baton Rouge today!

Why Choose Our Baton Rouge Car Wraps?

We have made the process simple for our customers so that they never need to google “vinyl wrap near me” ever again. Our shop standards are always held high on every project and our professional technicians do an amazing job at it. The phrase “good enough” is never said in our shop. We do not settle when it comes to our installation standards.

Although we are known as a premier high quality shop, our car wrap prices are the lowest in town. We have a variety of different vinyl wrap car packages to fit within any sort of budget. Our long list of services is applicable to any of these services so you are guaranteed to get the best deal possible. Our schedule is filling up quickly so if you anticipate requiring a vehicle wrap anytime soon do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

What To Expect From Our Car Wraps Baton Rouge LA Shop

We have the highest quality auto wrap Baton Rouge has to offer. When you use our shop you can expect a top of the line vinyl wrap for an affordable price. We have consistently provided the best wraps in the area for many years. Our customers have come to appreciate our hassle free transactions that relieve any of their stress. A typical transaction looks like this:

  • You submit a request for a quote or call us with questions.
  • We determine an estimated cost for the job and reach out to you.
  • Once both parties agree and you drop your car off we get to work.
  • Prepping the vehicle is crucial when it comes to 3M vinyl wrap. Without proper cleaning and removing any blemishes or dings the wrap will be prone to warping, bubbling or peeling.
  • After prep work is complete our technicians meticulously install the wrap or graphics. It is a tedious and slow process to ensure there are no abnormalities.
  • Once complete we reach out to you to come take a look at your vehicle.
  • You leave a satisfied customer!

We are here to help you every step of the way. We welcome any questions or concerns before, during or after your vinyl wrap is installed. If you would like to find out how easy it is to get a high quality vinyl wrap for an affordable price call Car Wraps Baton Rouge today!

Our Services

Our vehicle wrap Baton Rouge shop has more services than any other shop in the area. We are proud of the services we have cultivated over the years. We always do our best to stay on top of cutting edge technology and make sure to implement up and coming vinyl into our shop. We have many services to provide and if there is a service you do not see, do not hesitate to give us a call or email and we will let you know how we can help!

baton rouge car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

There are a few Baton Rouge wrap shops that do not provide this service but we believe it is the most crucial type of vinyl wrap. A Paint protective film is a thin and transparent film that covers your vehicle to protect it from the elements. This film is excellent for preserving your vehicle's base paint by preventing any dings, scratches, blemishes or nicks. When you need “paint protection car wrap near me,” you know to call Car Wraps Baton Rouge!

baton rouge car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

One of the more revolutionary 3M car wrap that we have adapted over the years is vinyl color change. Your one of a kind vehicle is able to transform at a moment's glance. We have a variety of different options when it comes to color changing. One of those includes a temperature activated wrap that changes color from rain, snow or extreme heat. Another color change option is the typical chameleon color change available in a variety of color changing options.

baton rouge custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

We provide the most custom car wraps Baton Rouge! We take your custom car signage or designs and bring them to life. We have several professional designers that are more than happy to design something for you or assist with your designs. We have a lot of experience taking any design and creating the perfect form fitting vinyl wrap to your vehicle. For “vinyl wrap car near me” look no further than Car Wraps Baton Rouge!

baton rouge commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

Purchasing advertising can be a costly venture with any business. Luckily for you our Baton Rouge car wrap cost a fraction of the other guys! So you can get a seamless car advertising wrap that showcases the quality of your company and what you stand for. We have worked with dozens of companies in the area and provide commercial wraps of every size on a wide variety of vehicles.

Car Wraps

We have wrapped hundreds of cars over the years with numerous styles of wrap and designs. Whether you want a monochromatic car color wrap or a full paint protective film we have the professional technicians to install it for you. We provide the highest quality vinyl wrap Baton Rouge has to offer on every single job so it does not matter what service you require, you are guaranteed a premium service.

Truck Wraps

All of the 3M wrap that we provide for our cars also applies to trucks! We can wrap every size truck from small to large with custom graphics, advertisements, protective film and many more. Our shop is well staffed and equipped to handle any size truck you bring through. Commercial big rigs and construction trucks are constantly coming through our doors for our perfect company logo installations.

Van Wraps

Vans are the perfect vehicle for displaying your company’s logo. They have large mostly smooth surfaces that can be seen as a blank canvas. The large surface area allows you to get really creative when designing your wrap. We have worked with several companies in the area to provide high quality business logos for all of their vans. All of our services still apply to vans too! So you are able to choose from paint protection film, mono and polychromatic colors, custom graphics and many more.

Boat Wraps

We have worked with a number of commercial and civilian vessels throughout the years and our customers appreciate that our services extend to boats. We can provide custom graphics, full wraps, paint protection film and many other premium services. We also offer vinyl lettering so you can proudly display your boat's carefully chosen name!

Bus Wraps

All of our premium services also apply to busses! We have provided vinyl wraps for both personal and commercial busses. Our most common bus customer utilizes our contravision package to display advertisements throughout their bus windows. A bus wrap may seem like a daunting task but our highly trained professional technicians are prepared for any challenge. Even though a bus will require a large amount of vinyl, our vehicle wraps cost much less than the competitor!

Trailer Wraps

We began seeing more and more trailers come through the shop over the years so we decided to really specialize on these objects and make it a permanent staple in the shop. Between enclosed, gooseneck, flat deck or even dump trailers we can provide all of our premium services.

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

Contravision is an excellent way to promote your business on car, truck, bus or even front entryway windows. Our high quality vinyl wrap adheres to any type of glass surface both large and small. What makes the contravision technology so great is people passing by see your advertisement but cannot see inside your car or business. But anyone on the inside has an unobstructed view to the outside.

Basic Spot Graphics

The basic spot graphics package is perfect for those simple yet forceful logos and designs. This package allows you to keep to a tight budget but still get a meaningful vinyl wrap to display. Our vehicle wrap Baton Rouge shop has a number of affordable packages to choose from but the basic spot graphic has our best value!

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics cover more surface area than our basic spot graphics package. You can get more creative with designs and cover a lot more of your vehicle. This is the perfect package for covering doors, hoods or truck beds and tailgates. We can work with you on your design to ensure you get a perfect form fitting graphic to your vehicle!

Partial Wraps

Our partial wraps package Is great for large displays and advertisements. You can cover most of your vehicle with your custom graphics or designs. Many of our customers will wrap both of their bumpers, or a full hood wrap, roof wrap and many others! The possibilities are endless. No matter where you put your partial wrap you can guarantee it will be of the highest quality vinyl and installed by trained professionals.

Full Wraps

Our full wraps package really allows you to get creative with your ideas! Searching for “auto wrap near me” is a thing of the past. With the full wraps package you can truly transform your vehicle into something brand new. Many of our customers utilize this package to wrap their entire car in paint protective film to preserve their car's original paint.

About Baton rouge la

Baton Rouge is the capital of the state of Louisiana and holds just over 220,000 residents. French for “red stick” Baton Rouge has been inhabited by humans as far back as 7000 BC. The french explorers led an exploration up the mississippi river in the late 1600s and found tribal markings throughout what is now known as Baton Rouge. Thus the french colonization was born. Baton Rouge is known for its nightlife and local eateries. You need to spend at least a week here to soak in all of the culture! Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Denham Springs, LA
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  • Brownfields, LA
  • White Hills, LA
  • Shenandoah, LA
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  • Many more surrounding areas

Vehicle Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to wrap my car?

Depending on the service it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. But our professional technicians will always have it done as fast as possible.

Can I install a wrap myself?

We recommend leaving this to the professionals at our shop. Vinyl wrap installation is very tedious and without proper tools and installation your wrap will be left with bubbles and peeling after a few weeks

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These guys really went the extra mile to help me get my car wrap done. They were willing to answer all my questions and were friendly the entire time. Highly recommended!

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The expertise at which my wrap was installed is mind boggling. This shop really knows what they're doing when it comes to wraps.

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For the best Vehicle wraps Baton Rouge LA has to offer, come to Car Wraps Baton Rouge. Our professional technicians are prepared for any job that comes through the door! We provide more services than anyone else and never turn down a job. Our shop Car Wraps Baton Rouge has been serving the area for many years and established ourselves as a premier vehicle wraps shop.

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